gather round! New lube

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gather round! New lube

Postby carload9 » Sun Jun 09, 2013 9:53 pm

New lube, probably incredible but you still need a sizer. I had been given a handful of these:380's (actually maks mashed down to .355)

Now i sized em after i got them in the mail, you would think the stuff would come off, I did. No, not even a scrape mark anywhere. NO STICKY OR WAXY MESS, NOTHING COMING OFF ON YOUR FINGERS, JUST LIKE NICE CLEAN COPPER PLATED BULLETS.

This will be tried by me soon, i will get some of the liquid tumble from Then there is a simple oven process.

They are shooting 223 cast boolits with AR-15 and no gas check and no powder change with this stuff on the cast bullet.

Up against the mak copper bullet.

With a Three tray oven, you can do 900 boolits in hour, or should these be called bullets.

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