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Sizing boolits & gas checks/swaging brass base too.

Posted: Mon Mar 30, 2015 9:27 am
by carload9
For those who love pre-prep:
GO WITH SOLID TABLES/SHAKE BRAKE/BOLT TABLES TO FLOOR/ARBOR PRESS (1 ton arbor at Harborfreight is $53 out the door).

1) size boolits 380/9/45/45c/& my favorite 38 dwn to 9.
2) seating gas checks on all above .
3) Swaging brass bases' of all above (one die soaking).
4) just spin lee die plate around and go.
5) my MMLLM w/shake brake is next to this arbor press.


1)long tube boolits drop dwn in can.
2)When iam doing brass l just slide the yellow container under drop tube.
3) put longer blk lever on and let it hang down, easy on shoulder.
4)800lb steel table, that leg is bolted to floor, took 30mins to drill concrete.

brevity&misspelling rampant