Indexing rod adjustment

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Indexing rod adjustment

Postby darwin » Thu Feb 04, 2010 7:47 am ... ic.php?t=7

I have heard that some people have problems with primer feeding and it can be traced to indexing issues. Namely that the shaft rotates out of position. I haven't had that problem. It has occurred to me that this condition may occur if the indexing flipper is not adjusted correctly putting too much torque on the system. Comments?

The indexing rod clears the indexing pin on the shellplate at the end of its movement. If the flipper is screwed out too far, it won’t put any additional pressure on the pin since it clears it. If it is set too long you may have several problems, first, at the end of the stroke when the rod wedges between two of the pins and the carrier it may not allow the press to come fully down, or it may wear quicker. Second, the indexing rod may not clear the next indexing pin on the shellplate when it cams over on the down stroke. If this occurs you will get binding when the rod tries to cam over.

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