Press won't cycle all the way to the top of the stroke

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Press won't cycle all the way to the top of the stroke

Postby darwin » Thu Feb 04, 2010 7:52 am ... .php?t=185

I'm having problem with one of the loadmaster when I first bought it used. The handle doesn't pull all the way down. When I pull the handle, it doesn't go all the way down as if it's either stuck or jam. I'm not quite sure if it's either the primer rocker arm or the handle that is causing the problem.

Here are the pictures:

The first picture is the Loadmaster having the problem. The second one is the Loadmaster that is not having the problem and the handle pulls all the way down. It's really hard for me to explain but that's pretty much I can say.

Do you see that grease fitting in the first picture? Look at it from the other side. I'll bet that the pin has pushed through just a bit and is hitting the linkage on the right side.

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