Primer glitch

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Primer glitch

Postby darwin » Thu Feb 04, 2010 11:54 am ... .php?t=198

Mike, I ran into a similar problem when I first set-up my press. Primers were going in side ways and frankly, I was wondering if I made the right decision on my new purchase. After re-watching the videos (the one on primer theory) I removed the turret and slooooowly raised the ram. I discovered I was getting jerky primer lever movement. I disassembled the thing and discovered the flash/mold marks on the slider were hanging it up just a little bit. I lightly slid it back and forth a few times on 400 grit paper to where I could not feel any sort of catching. It has worked perfectly since. It doesn't take much to get that jerky movement, which will definitely flip the primers. Also, are you sizing in station 2? That will improve primer feeding immensely.

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