New from TN

If you are registering for this forum, post a message here or send an email to and tell me a bit about yourself. I am mainly interested in your interests or experience in firearms and reloading. I just want to filter out people that want to use this forum to spam other members. Thank you.

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New from TN

Postby Guest » Mon Apr 29, 2013 11:32 am

Hello y'all,

New to the reloading arena. Just recieved a loadmaster from a friend. I figured this would be the best forum for me. I will be hopefully loading .45 acp and .223/5.56 ammo. The press is already set up for .45 acp but I want to start fresh, not only for safety but for knowledge of the machine.
Thank You, TnRaider

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Postby darwin » Mon Apr 29, 2013 12:57 pm

Thanks for the post. I activated your account. Welcome aboard.

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yea, man!

Postby carload9 » Mon Apr 29, 2013 1:01 pm

glad your here.

ask ?'s. Thats what i do. loaded some 45's last nite. Dennis

Call kathy at lee frt desk & ask for a lee catalog. Its thin!

Do the ejector mod. shadowdog500 ... FPefqtth8Y

my flashlite mod is quick,cheap,&easy.

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Postby TnRaider » Mon Apr 29, 2013 4:13 pm

Thanks Darwin. I will definitely be using this site.

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Postby TnRaider » Mon Apr 29, 2013 4:14 pm

Thanks for the tip right off the bat, greatly appreciate it.

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