pro1000 v loadmaster

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pro1000 v loadmaster

Postby guest » Thu Jun 13, 2013 4:50 pm

G'day 220 logged in as a guest awaiting account approval.
I'm in Aus, and came across the site while searching for info and comparisons on the LM
I have been reloading nearly 30 years, started off with a lee loader as a 14 year old. Progressed to a single stage and have kept adding equipment since. I now load pistol, rifle, shotgun and cast.
Have been using a pro1000 for about 10 years and find it great value, haven't kept an accurate count of what it has loaded but would be around 50k.
Shoot 5-10k rounds pistol a year, mixture of 32swl, 38spl, 357mag & 9mm I load in batches of 500-2000 and it is getting to be a pain swapping between cals with the pro1000. Haven't had any real dramas with the pro, needs the occasional tweak but other than that seems to run well. I find I can knock out a genuine 400rds per hour manually feeding projectiles.
Accuracy of the loaded ammo is great, my best 38spl load will shoot 10 shot groups at 25m just over 1".
Looking at adding another progressive that will allow easier cal changes and offer production similar to the pro1000, will mainly be used for pistol although if calibre change to rifle is simple enough might see the odd run of 2-300 222 and 30/30.
How do people who have a pro & LM think they compare, the other option I've been considering is the Hornady LnL AP, only about 30% dearer than the LM but adding a case feeder doubles its price and I think a case feeder is needed to be able to load 1000 in under 3 hours.

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hay mate

Postby carload9 » Thu Jun 13, 2013 5:22 pm

wow, glad your here! Ya have to stop by daily. You would love a lee LM.. The rifle guys can help ya, I know a few pistol rnds and still learning. Wish i had two LLM's. I have LLM and classic cast turret press, gotta love it.

My llm works great on 380,9,45 as u see above. I cast and have a star sizer coming. And i should have aussie bullet coating today or tommorrow.

Welcome OZ man!

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