Intro from N-Central IL

If you are registering for this forum, post a message here or send an email to and tell me a bit about yourself. I am mainly interested in your interests or experience in firearms and reloading. I just want to filter out people that want to use this forum to spam other members. Thank you.

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Intro from N-Central IL

Postby Randy_Lahey » Sun Nov 30, 2014 12:57 pm

Excited to have just ordered a LLM. Here is a bit about me.

I just recently got back into firearms this past year. I had a 22LR, 9mm pistol, and 22LR pistol for years, sitting in their cases in a closet. I picked up an AR15 and AK47 and had such a blast shooting them, that ammo costs became a concern, moreso with the AR15. I use quite a bit, and their reloading section is decent, and got me started. I got a Lee classic turret press and learned how to reload 9mm with some help and lots of videos. I soon became hooked on the "sub" hobby, of my "new" hobby lol. I really wanted a progressive press, but $ was tight. I kept my decision mainly between the Lee Loadmaster and the Hornady LnL. The Lee while obviously offering great value was a concern due to all the negative reviews. Amazon had a black Friday sale on the LLM and I decided to roll the dice on it, so I ordered it. For the $, even if I can't get it rolling 100% I should be able to use it in many ways in my shop; I could buy a LnL later if I need to, but hopefully with your site, which I buried myself in yesterday at work(slow day lol) and some MagicMike mods, I can get this baby tuned up enough to work just fine.

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Postby magic mike » Sun Nov 30, 2014 3:45 pm

Welcome to the forum Randy. Do yourself a favor and don't get spooked by all the BS you read on the web about the LM press. Yep, it can test your patience at times but so can any of the rest of them out there. Several of the folks on this site have owned them all and they will tell you the same thing. I can't drive a nail worth a hoot and I guarantee you it's not the hammer's fault.
Take your time, be deliberate and attentive and you will be just fine.


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