Noob in wild west

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Noob in wild west

Postby guest » Sun Mar 27, 2016 7:05 pm

Where we still have a right to protect ourselves. My oldest son has recently earned NRA instructors cert and I'm starting courses to work with him along with shooting some steel and Practical Pistol here in Phx. I'm trying some 147's in my Tristar P120 and like so many, it's getting a tad pricey. I did a lot of research here, MM's, and u-tube before deciding on the LLM. Before it arrived, I read about the auto drum and ordered it. Did a lot of set up, checking and measuring, a 147 is LONG, and was getting ready to run some at different charges when the arm broke on the drum (that the gear is pinned to) on Fri, of course. Lee is going to fix it, apparently mine's not the first, tho I believe I did something wrong, just don't know what. The other problem that has popped up is casings jamming (sticking, binding?) in th sizer. I've decapped (1st position) and sized and primed a couple hun with no probs and it doesn't do it all the time. BUT, on the bright side, I did MM's idea of drilling a case and made sure everything lined up before starting priming and have had no problems. I like the idea of using the sizer to hold the case steady and get .003 to .006 depth consistently. Also getting a 4 to 8 thou diff in col, but ordered a plate from MM. A long intro, but I thot I'd get a couple of questions in too. Thanks for the help so far and thanks, Darwin, for the site. Dave 8)

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Postby R1200R » Mon Mar 28, 2016 5:07 am

You didn't say if you lubricated the case's before resizing, if not try lightly lubricating them. Lee says with carbide dies you do not need lubrication, however I've found that it takes most of the effort out if you do.

As to COAL, your .004 to .008 difference could be partly caused by your sizing issues and not cycling the press fully, I usually have +- .003 COAL variation in my pistol ammo runs perfectly and don't give it another thought. If I was a bullseye pistol shooter that would be another story however I'm not, 25 yard targets are my max and banging steel so my variation does not affect my accuracy at all. MM's stabilizer plate is a cool accessory I've thought several times of ordering one. Good luck, please keep us posted.

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Postby carload9 » Mon Mar 28, 2016 10:13 pm

And buy a cartridge gage from midway. One they have is 4 in 1. That taught me where my mistakes were for 380/40/45/9/38.

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Postby sloboataz » Tue Mar 29, 2016 2:19 pm

Goodie..something else to buy! I measure a lot (and weigh) at this point in my reloading journey and double check that with my barrel. While waiting for my auto drum, I decapped and sized (separate stations) about 200 with no prob. Just a few started binding. I chewed up the cases getting them out but I believe they had a "15" in the stamp. While I'm waiting for the auto drum to get back, I'm going to sort some of the brass I have and see if I can find some more and see if they are the problem. I've loaded about 250rnd (and shot 100), measuring powder by hand, with no other probs. MM's tips on the collator work, the priming system has worked fine (again with MM's tips), and I have bell and taper settings that are working with the coated bullets I'm trying out. If it turns out I have to lube, I will, but I believe it is a case problem at this point. As to COL, it is me being conservative (not a bad thing) with my first foray into loading and using long bullets set deep to give a little "jump"length. Now that I've shot my first run of a hundred with 5 different powder loads, I am a little less concerned about a few thou but still want to see the diff MM's plate and preloading makes. Most of the steel and paper I shoot is 5 to 10 yards. In my waning years, 25 yards is a llooonnnggg ways away. So...another satisfied LLM customer with lots to learn still. sloboataz is the log-in Thanks for the replies.

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