1200 on New LLM

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1200 on New LLM

Postby Derwoodski » Fri May 15, 2015 3:06 pm

I looked on my Primer shelf last night and realized I have loaded 1200 rounds on my new press. A couple of observations, Had a handful of primer failures in the first 400 rounds, appears to be mostly crimped primer pockets that would have likely failed muster in my old process as well (hand Priming) so I cant blame the press, also the first few hundred rounds I didn't use any case lube, handle effort was significant and it was difficult to feel the primer insertion. Tried a batch or two with some Hornady One-Shot...wow, what a difference! sizing was smooth and I could feel if the primer insertion was henky, the number of primer failures has dropped to close to zero, and if they do fail, I can feel it in the press stroke and catch the case before it gets powder and a bullet. (I keep a few sized/Primed cases to insert in the place of a failed primer case to keep my bullet feeder happy). Set up the bullet feeder after about 600 rounds, per the video here, and it has been working great! I have new primer system parts coming from Mike, but the last 600 rounds have been pretty trouble free primer wise (maybe 4 bad ones...less than one per 100)

The Case lube has made a world of difference in the consistency of the press, I keep a can of air and a little gun cleaning brush on the bench, and clean off the shell plate and primer pin after each 100 rounds to keep junk from getting into the priming system...seems to be working.

On Mike's suggestion, I drilled a case to check my primer pin alignment, and with the case in the sizing die in station two, the alignment was perfect without any mods.

Now if I can just keep myself in supplies! :lol:

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Postby El Hombre » Tue May 19, 2015 4:17 pm

Other than operator error, messed up brass causes most of the priming screw-ups. I did 6000+ rounds before I had a priming issue and mangled the primer slider. Crimped brass was the reason, didn't get the old primer out of the pocket and trying to install the new primer, there wasn't enough room under the shell plate and crunch. Since then, found that mangled extraction grooves and bent rims were other reasons why things didn't work. I'm convinced if you could run new brass from the same batch, you'd be able do it without problems.

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Postby Derwoodski » Wed May 20, 2015 11:34 am

New Brass would be a luxury for sure, but it would increase costs above levels I want considering the ammo that I go thru, as it is I will deal with Picked brass from the matches I shoot. I have started a "remedial" brass pile that will get a primer pocket swage and a Hand prime and go back into rotation, I am most concerned with quantity so anything remotely henky goes in the practice ammo stack, so far I haven't had any ammo related failures in any of the LLM loaded rounds (knock on wood), but the CZ has never been terribly particular, any brass or nickel cased ammo it will shoot, only failures were blazer aluminum back when the pistol was new, stovepipes attributed to a tight chamber. Also everything runs thru the FCD and I drop test periodically, have never had a round that wouldn't chamber (again KOW) among my reloads using this method. Out of 2700 rounds that I have shot this spring, exactly 100 were factory, everything else has been my handloads.

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Postby GhostlyOne » Wed May 20, 2015 8:57 pm

El Hombre wrote:Other than operator error."

I totally understand the "OPERATOR ERROR" part.

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Postby WyrTwister » Fri May 22, 2015 12:01 pm

One very big source of problems are .45 ACP with small primers . I do not know of a way to say this more strongly . You must sort these into a different batch and load them as a different batch , with the small primer assembly .

You let one , just one slip through and you can potentially crack a carrier .

Next biggest problem , as has been said , is not properly processing ( off press ) military crimped primers and too tight commercial primer pockets . If this is not done properly , it is also hard on the carrier .

Another problem is when you dumb up and let the press run out of primers or powder .

God bless

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