Anxiously awaiting my old LM to return

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Anxiously awaiting my old LM to return

Postby Horseman » Sun Aug 09, 2015 11:30 am

Bought a used Load Master awhile back (third or fourth one I've had). I wanted to try it just for reloading my 9mm rounds...with a couple little "tweaks" it was working just fine EXCEPT for the priming....again.....well, I got tired of messin' with it ( I have other presses) so sent it off to a friend as he didn't have a progressive press explaining what was going on with it. Another friend lives nearby him and has a LM so figured he would be good to some upsetting news from him a couple days ago that he was going to have to give up reloading altogether for health issues and would send the press back to I'm waiting for it's return and I think I'll send the priming system to MM for a do-over....but as I think about my earlier problems with the priming I may have overlooked the possible issue of the shell plate being the culprit, or at least a goodly part of it......I was using the 6s plate and tried to mod it per vids but may have "goobered" it up....anyway something to think about till it arrives.....I also purchased a Hornady bullet feed die for 9mm, the Lee bullet feeder setup with the four tubes and the Bully adapter for it.....I set it up on my RCBS unit and it works very well, but I bought it all with the LM in, when, I get the priming sorted out (or Mike does) aughta be a fun little unit for kickin out 9mm rounds.....I don't really need it, but it's gonna be very 8) .........

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