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Postby WyrTwister » Mon May 30, 2016 6:30 pm

Preventive Maintenance

I seldom reload 9 x 19 mm . Last time it was run through my LM , my cousin was loading 9 x 19 mm for his 9mm 1911 .

He had give me some 9mm cases and powder coated Lee 124 grain cast bullets .

I had de-primed the cases and reamed the military crimped promer pockets .

Well , I developed some problems , mainly with the case feeder . The case slider was mot pushing the case far enough into the opening in the shell plate .

I run a Lee universal de-priming die in station # 1 & a carbide sizing die in station # 2 . By the case not being far enough into the shell plate , the flash hole of the case was not lining up with the de-priming pin of the de-priming die & pushing the whole de-priming rod up .

I could have lived with that on this batch of cases , as I had previously de-primed all of that batch of cases .

But , the cases were not lining up well enough to enter the sizing die . The carbide sizing die has little or no bevel at its " mouth " to facilitate self centering of the case .

So , I gave up and started taking the case feeder , shell plate and primer assembly apart to clean and adjust . ( And it needed cleaning . )

Next problem was , it had been so long since I had performed such PM , I had forgotten much of the info needed to adjust things .

I think I have just about gotten the case feeder working OK , again .

I took the square shaft that friction device rides on ( to move the case slider ) off , de-greased it and sanded it a little to roughen it up a little . I wished to increase friction , slightly .

I de-greased the friction device , also . Adjusted the 2 screws on the friction device and adjusted the " holder " that screws into the base / bottom of the press and holds the square shaft . Quite a few times .

This LM has well over 20,000 rounds through it , between my cousin and I . Maybe 30,000 or more . It is , perhaps time I replaced the friction device , at least . And maybe the square shaft .

Wish me luck .

God bless

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