Lee bullet feeder on Loadmaster question

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Lee bullet feeder on Loadmaster question

Postby thumbs » Fri Jun 03, 2016 9:01 pm

I am new to both the forum and the Loadmaster. Been loading for years with my Classic Turret Press but am shooting a bit more now and need to sep up the loading process a bit. It took a little bit of time to learn how the press wants to be used but she seems to be running pretty well. The occasional primer miss but not to often. I check to see that a primer drops each time and there is powdering the case before putting on the bullet which brings me to the question and or problem.

I just got the press about a week ago and probably have about 600 9mm rounds loaded from her. I bought it with the bullet feeder and also got the four tube bullet "magazine". I had to make a new arm that moves the fingers of the bullet feeder back and forth because on of the 90* bends left the length to short and it kept popping out of the hole. Anyway got it working pretty well but now the bullets will not drop from the single tube "magazine". I cleaned the unit and checked from burrs but they still don't drop. Seems the 124grain 9mm rn bullets cock just enough to jam in the bottom of the "magazine". If I put my finger up in there and straighten out the bullet it will drop but the next one has the same problem. Has anyone else had this problem and if so is there a fix for it?

Actually, other than the money spent for the bullet feeder and the larger "magazine" placing the bullet by hand on the brass really isn't that bad. Not sure I really want to load any faster it would just be a little more convenient.

thanks for the help

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Postby Chickenthief » Sat Jun 04, 2016 3:30 am

Are you using the inserts?
For the smaller diameter bullets Lee provides some extra clear tubes that slide into the standard ones and that took care of my 9mm problems.

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Postby piratepast40 » Thu Jun 09, 2016 12:35 pm

I did quite a bit of work to modify my bullet feeder but never did get it to work right. To be honest, I'm a little paranoid and want to look into every casing to check the powder amount before seating a bullet. Tough to do that accurately with the bullet feeder in the way so scrapped it.

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Postby Sparky45 » Thu Jun 09, 2016 3:25 pm

My 2 Loadmasters both handle bullet feeders just fine, however, they are Hornady bullet feeders, not Lee. I always visually check the pwd level in each case prior to the bullet being placed. I have bullet feeders in 45acp, 38/357, and 9mm.

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Postby thumbs » Thu Jun 09, 2016 6:56 pm

Hey thanks guys. Sorry I didn't get back to ya I didn't get any notification you guys replied to my thread. Anyway

Still haven't been able to get it to run reliably. It was going along pretty well then the bullets started hanging up and would not drop. Not a clue about the plastic inserts. Are you referring to the smaller tube inside the larger plastic one. I am assuming the smaller tube is for the 9mm and the like. If that is what we are talking about yes I have the two tubes. I also bought the multi tube thing that will allow me to fill four tubes at once. Haven't taken that out of the box yet though. I just got the Loadmaster about a week or two ago. Had some growing pains but mostly she was trying to teach me how she wanted to be run. Last run of 3 hundred ran without a hitch but I was load ing the bullets by hand. Actually that isn't such a bad thing like you guys said. Gives plenty of time to watch what is going on.

I think the linkage was cut wrong when I got it. Maybe not and maybe I am doing something wrong but it kept popping out. I made a new one and she runs fine but the bullets won't drop. I cleaned the tube and the opening at the bottom and made sure there weren't any rough edges to hang them up but no luck.

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