No oiling hole?

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Re: No oiling hole?

Postby magic mike » Tue Nov 22, 2016 11:33 am

You can, if you are so inclined, take the ram out of the press and drill and tap a hole for a grease zerk. If you do this, I would recommend that you use a Dremel tool or the like with a 1/8" diameter ball cutter in it and grind a groove around the bore of the press from the hole and back to allow the grease to get all the way around the the ram. I have done several like this and it works well.

Removing the oil port at production would save Lee some money so I believe that is why they did it. I imagine they are trying to do all they can to keep the cost of the machine down as much as possible.


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Re: No oiling hole?

Postby Horseman » Wed Nov 23, 2016 12:47 pm

The "older" frames did have a better finish on them along with the oil port. The new frames minus these attribute have the "machined" ridge for the index flipper to ride. Not sure how important that is, but I like it. As an aside I never use the oil port on my older press, I just run a bit of gun oil around the ram when in the up position, actuate a couple times and wipe off the excess with a shop towel. Just like I do with all my other presses. Not to admonish so don't take this the wrong way. I've spent most of my adult life around "rough" men and when face to face can (and do) talk the talk but on a family forum as such I try to keep the written word suitable for anyone to read. Please consider doing the same.

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Re: No oiling hole?

Postby gooffeyguy » Thu Nov 24, 2016 2:48 am

I have two Loadmaster presses. One I bought about two years ago and it has no oiling hole but has the smooth powdercoat finish. The other I bought early this year or maybe around last Christmas and it too has no oiling hole but has the rough crinkle type finish.

I use those small spray cans of Otis Special Forces Dry Lube on the bolt carriers of my AR rifles and found that it works really well for me on the rams of the presses. It doesn't completely really "dry" so to speak, it's just non-dust attracting and not oily/tacky. I raise it up and spray the ram just above the base and work it a few times. Both presses run as slick as snot and the Otis lube smells good too!

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