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Postby zdr » Mon Oct 23, 2017 11:34 pm

I tried to reload 223 on my LM for well over a year with nothing but problems. Mainly with priming but other issues as well. I tried MMs priming system and other mods of his with no luck. I finally gave up on it completely. I use a pro 1k for 9mm and it works well over all. After looking at the LM gathering dust, i finally decided to convert it to 9mm also. Broughg a new shellplate and sm priming system from lee and installed the dies and powder measure from the pro 1k just to see if it would work. Dialed it in and started cranking. I am shocked at how well it makes ammo. Consistent OAL, rare primers flipped but mainly just making ammo. I average about 100 rounds every 12 mins. Ive made over 3k rounds with very very few stoppages or problems.

Crazy how different this is from my 223 experience with tne same exact tool...why!!??

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Re: Why???

Postby erle » Tue Oct 24, 2017 8:29 pm

My 1st guess would be the .223 primer system. So many commercial cases are crimped & are difficult to re-prime. I always have to prep my .223 cases by reaming the crimp & reworking the primer pocket. Off the press case prep is a must for .223. While I'm doing this I just go ahead & re-prime off the press. Then I don't have any difficulties dropping powder & seating bullets back on the press.

My 2nd guess would be the small mouth & neck of the .223. It's a much longer case & you sure can't rush it. Pulling an expander back through the mouth is a lot different from pistol cases.

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Re: Why???

Postby Jal5 » Tue Nov 14, 2017 1:57 pm

what specific kinds of problems were you having with the 223 on the LM? I prime them on the press and have no problem at all except for the occasional case that tips over upon insertion. The 223 brass always needs a lot of prep off the press though- besides cleaning, measure to case length after resizing, trimming, in/outside mouth chamfering, and either swage or cutting the primer pockets to get rid of any crimps which are very common for the 223 round. once that is completed off press the priming, powder drop, seating, and crimp go flawless for me.


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