Where is everyone?

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Re: Where is everyone?

Postby Horseman » Sun Jan 26, 2020 3:42 pm

I spent an hour or so last night setting up my LM to load for my new RIA 45acp, which I haven't picked up yet, :( set
one die plate up with a universal deprime die to first deprime all the 45 once fired cases, that I haven't received yet, :( so I can pin clean them and prep them to load 230gr. plated bullets from RMR reloading, which I haven't received yet. :( One die plate set up with Hornady 45acp dies to load with, that I haven't adjusted yet (no brass) did adjust the powder measure for 6gr. of Herco and install the large primer setup and shell plate. I did cycle the press several times just to watch it work. :D I do not expect any "issues" when I finally start to reload. I have run a few thousand 9mm through this press with out any more drama than I get with my RCBS Pro 2000. Nine mill and 45acp is what I'll use the LM for because it's much faster than the RCBS. I am patiently waiting and not getting to antsy, yet...... :lol:

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Re: Where is everyone?

Postby Gillie Dog » Tue Jan 28, 2020 9:43 pm

45ACP are fun and easy. I did 2,000 over two days without any issues. Using Mike's primer system though.

Short fat cases run well. M1 Carbine I had trouble with pushing into shell plate consistently unless ran slow, then would run very well. With new "universal" case feeder can run M1 Carbine as fast as 45ACP without issues. My arm gets tired :roll: ............................ My ooolllldddd arm gets tired. :twisted:


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Re: Where is everyone?

Postby Horseman » Fri Feb 14, 2020 10:59 pm

Ran 499 45 acp rounds through the LM this past week. Load and shoot and repeat. I know it was 499 because I have one bullet left from the first box of 500. Have another box in the cupboard but have about 80 rounds still loaded and that should last me for a few days. Bad weather. Started depriming a big box of fired 9mil that I have no idea how many are there but it's gotta be a couple thousand. I'll run those through wet tumbling to clean and then just put them up until I need them. Have about 5 thousand loaded nines in the ammo cupboard so it will be awhile before I'll need these. I WILL remember to empty the ram of spent primers more often than the last time I did this. It was really packed, jammed the press. Kinda easy to forget to do that when you really get things going on these things. :)

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Re: Where is everyone?

Postby tunaman » Mon Feb 24, 2020 8:32 pm

I feel the need to come back here and thank you all and Magic Mike for the great advances with my loadmasters. These 3 that I have are ALL humming along with no issues whatsoever. I love my loadmasters! :D :mrgreen:

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Re: Where is everyone?

Postby Frodo9mm » Sun Mar 15, 2020 8:38 am

Hi Everyone - Hope everyone is safe and will with what's going on is the coronavirus. A great time to enjoy time at home and catch up reloading a few thousand rounds of your favorite Ammo indeed. I am here in VA, and between the 2A stuff going on with out left wing pinko commie governor, and the late news of the coronavirus, it has been a Zoo, to say the least.

Well, on to more interesting things - My Loadmaster is running well and I still reload 9mm with it a lot. I plan to start reloading 223 for high power rifle matches that I am getting into, and may start a post to get feedback on turret, dies and shell plate size before I order then so that I can reload with the best.

Best Regards,

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