Tweeking the Auto Disk

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Tweeking the Auto Disk

Postby daboone » Wed Apr 14, 2010 10:40 pm

Below is a cut and paste of fryboy's on I'm posting it here because of (at least to me) a novel way of changing/tweeking the Auto Disk volume. Taking a larger volume disk hole and decreasing the volume with out permanently decreasing the volume delivered for that hole.

Fryboy:".... the universal charge bar helps when the powder u want doesnt quite hit the disk cavities , as u found out it's also fairly easy to alter them ( both bigger and smaller ) the bigger is just about a no brainer tho i strongly recommend marking that cavity as adjusted !!! as for making one a wee bit smaller , drill and tap for a little set screw then screw in as needed the double disk kit too makes them a little more versatile !! i tried the perfect measure for progressive ,works best with small grained tubular powders but as long as it isnt too loose it will do fine grained ball and not spit too much out"

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