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Turret press tips

Postby daboone » Wed Jul 06, 2011 1:03 pm

The new Classic Turret is a fantastic machine! I've found it to be a very consistent with seating depth, OAL and priming. I now use it more than my LM. Mostly because I reload and shoot less than 100 rounds for a specific handgun in a day. (I still prefer the single stage for bottle neck cases)

A list of tips and tricks posted here and else where that help me improve Classic cast Turret's performance.

Bullplate Sprue lube on the turret races and index rod smoothes and reduces drag.

When doing the clean and lube of the press be sure to lube the turret ratchet to help prevent stripping it.

The Lee Auto-Disk Riser will allow most powder measures to be used with the turret. http://www.midwayusa.com/viewproduct...tnumber=114080
Orient the powder measure so that as much of the measure's body as possible is over the turret and not hanging out over the side. This will keep it from hitting the Safety Prime.

The primer arm can hang up due to burrs. A quick fileing will resolve that problem.

In order to get the primer to drop reliably into the Safety prime cup keep tweaking the bracket alignment adjustments (vertical and horizontal). The Safety Prime will work but it sometimes take tweaking.

Adjust/tweak the nut on top of the indexing rod to keep it from over-indexing when going at a quick rate.

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