decapping 380acp

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decapping 380acp

Postby carload9 » Sat May 11, 2013 12:22 pm

my rpm on my ss media is around 800. The ss media peens the brass back to life and wakes up the molecules. (sounds like the history channel) Before now i would decap and then speed clean brass. I now think peening inside and outside on the brass even cleans inside of primers. Then i let dry on a towel for a day or so. I always stay box ahead of clean 380 brass.

Now with this 5 gallon plastic bucket of pistol brass i can save time on seperation, my friend has the colored seperator pans he bought on midway. I seperate 380/40/9/45/misc., brass in 3 gallon buckets frome home depot or lowes.

I will still decap before using my LLM but not my turret. This loader is fast with 380acp, even w/ejector and 4 tube boolitfeeder.

I built this: Its all ya need with a rcbs media/brass seperator. Then a beach towel in the spare room for drying.

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