Powder Bushing Spacers

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Powder Bushing Spacers

Postby Wittenmeyer » Fri Feb 08, 2008 6:53 pm

It seems to be customary for shotshell presses to have available bushings that don't give you the granularity that rifle powder charging equipment can give you. In other words, you go from say, 23 grains to 23.9 grains to 24.7 grains. Too large of a step if you're trying to make stable, predictable loads, and you want to adjust a charge "just a hair." Unfortunately, no one even makes a "true" universal charge bar for the Lee Load-All II press. This is what I did without having to buy a separate powder measure.

I took clear plastic tubing, the soft, flexible kind, and trimmed off a short length. I would slit it end-to-end and start trimming down the circumference size until it would fit snuggly inside the powder bushing. Then I would start weighing the powder charge (only after I had cycled about 30 throws until the powder throws stabilized) and continue trimming the end until I came to an average weight close to what I was looking for. This is where the powder-bushing-change trick comes into play. I have a couple of these "bushing spacers" of different lengths for the same bushing, as the powder will have different densities/weights based on the weather of the day and the powder density as it comes out of the bottle.

Don't forget to run quite a bit of powder through the bushing to graphite coat it against static electricity.

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Postby benedict1 » Tue Feb 12, 2008 12:20 am

Very clever solution to an age old problem. My own approach is more "brute" force. If I want less powder from a bushing I use masking tape inside the bushing until I have what I want.

If I need more powder the trusty file comes out.

Works fine for either powder or shot.

I also recommend throwing a bunch of charges before you start weighing to see what you have. Static electricity is real problem. Another approach is to run a bunch of powder mica through the powder hopper to coat everything. That works well for pistol reloading with a Lee Pro Auto Disk measure and it also stops static clinging in the Load All.

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