Compression rings on hulls after crimping

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Compression rings on hulls after crimping

Postby Wittenmeyer » Fri Feb 08, 2008 7:14 pm

I have been experimenting with different components within Hodgdon's guidelines, and sometimes, the components don't entirely fit inside the shell (too wide, too tall). This can result in a hull that has a visible ring on the plastic body not far above the metal head. You might even notice that if you crimp the shell and release the shell, pick it up without turning the shell around, you'll find that the ring you see is thicker towards you than on the back side.

This is my case. I've been loading buckshot in too-tight confines of 12 ga Win AA-HS hulls using WAA12F114 wads and #00 buckshot, 3 pellets to a layer, 3 layers. This causes dimples. What doesn't help is using powder that takes up a lof of room on the basewad. Sometimes, you have to switch to a more dense powder (if you can find load data on it), a somewhat shorter wad in the compression department (if you can find the load data on it), or change from 9 each of #00 pellets to 6 each of #000 pellets. I realize that doing that results in a lighter buck load, so you can adjust the powder down a bit to keep it burning clean and keep the discharge from becoming throaty and loud.

I have found that even when I have the #000 loads going, I still get that ring on the hull if I'm crimping too fast and pulling the handle towards me and down. You only want to do it slowly, and straight down and maybe even forward towards the press, as there's a bit of flex in the press when you crimp shells that don't crimp easily. By flex, the upper assembly wants to lean towards me from the pressure of pulling the handle down at an angle.

It works sometimes, but I am in the process of changing components. I'm switching to more dense powder that takes up less room in the hull, using a teflon wrap to take the place of the petals on the wads I use, and I will eventually phase out the Win AA-HS hulls as I use them up over the reload cycle lifespan. Fortunately, these and the Remington STS, Unibody, and Gun Club hulls use the same data, with probably a little more room in the Rem hulls than in the Win hulls.
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Postby benedict1 » Sat Feb 23, 2008 1:37 am

One of the more frustrating aspects of reloading shotshells is the frequency with which the powder makers recipe doesn't fit in the hull. Your experience is not uncommon. For example, I shoot lots of skeet and I prefer the yellow Win AA hull. With 16 gr Unique and 7/8 oz shot it should crimp just fine with the Win AA20 wad. It doesn't. I switched to the Rem RXP20 and everything works great.

Go figure. :roll:

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