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Lee Auto Drum Powder Measure tests

Posted: Sat Sep 19, 2015 6:40 pm
by Horseman
Received the Auto Drum today, and of course like all of us do, had to get it out and going. Took it apart and cleaned it with alcohol, washed the hopper with soap and hot water, put it back together and ran a complete hopper full of BLC-2 powder through it to "season" it. So here's a couple of results as I have some other stuff to do today and so only ran three different "types" of powder.

I didn't set a particular amount to throw, just opened up the hopper and went with whatever came out. Throws were weighed on my Charge Master 1500 scale after calibrating it and checking with some check weights. It's good.

First powder was BLC-2 a fairly fine powder and is generally easy to measure. I only threw a couple to settle before I started weighing.

1. 13.0 6. 13.1
2. 13.1 7. 13.1
3. 13.0 8. 13.1
4. 13.1 9. 13.1
5. 13.0 10. 13.1

I then threw 10 consecutive charges into the pan and it weighed out at 131.1................13.11.....

Next was Herco, very similar to Unique

1. 7.0 6. 7.0
2. 7.0 7. 7.0
3. 7.2 8. 7.0
4. 6.9 9. 7.1
5. 7.1 10. 7.0

10 consecutive charges weighed 70.1

Thought I better try a "stick" powder, so used IMR 4831

1. 32.4 6. 32.9
2. 32.6 7. 32.5
3. 32.6 8. 32.8
4. 32.4 9. 32.5
5. 32.4 10. 32.6

10 consecutive charges.....325.3 actually did 5 at a time, first was 162.8 second was 162.5.....

I have no idea what happened with no. 6 and no. 8......but the rest are pretty good for this powder. The measure may do better as it gets a little more "experience" under it, don't know. But from what I see it's about as good as any other measure I've used and better than some. I'm satisfied with these results. Besides I'm going to use it on my LM and am sure it will do as good as the disc measure without any "leakage"....oh, I forgot to mention don't leak powder at all. As far as the "safety thing", not sure if I'll use it on the LM or not. It's easy to remove and/or replace. I like it, cool little measure, compact, short powder throw (not like my Uniflows) and I can see using this on my Dillon 450 at times.... :shock:
Anyway, hope this may help some of you. If you're on the fence about it, I'll recommend it as a good buy.

Posted: Sat Sep 19, 2015 10:33 pm
by erle
Thanks for the report. Think I will order one.