Problem with Lee customer service

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Problem with Lee customer service

Postby Capt. Bob » Sat Jul 29, 2017 8:20 am

I have been having an ongoing dialog with Lee for 2 months now about a problem I have with the 22 Hornet dies. Actually just the decapping and sizing die. It seems that Lee contends that all 22 Hornet bullets are supposed to be .223 dia. so they use a .222 decapping rod in their dies. The fact is all 22 Hornet rifles made since the end of WW II have .224 groove dia. The problem is when you try to start a .224 bullet in Hornet case sized down to .222, it is rather difficult. I have been trying to talk Lee into changing the size of their decapping rod to a more modern .223 dia. By their own admission that is the size decapping rod they use in all the other .22 caliber dies they make except the 218 bee. They told me they were not going to custom make me a .223 rod since I was the only person that had complained about it. I told them I was not asking for that. I told them all they had to do was send me a decapping rod from a 22 TCM die and from now on just update their die sets to the modern industry standard for the 22 Hornet cartridge. I don't think I am asking for the moon. I have worked out my own work around for the problem so I can reload the cases without the difficulty but I still think Lee is being rather stubborn on the issue. Another note on the issue is that even in Lees own book "Modern Reloading". It refers to using only .224 bullets for reloading the 22 Hornet cartridge.

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