FOR SALE - Complete LoadMaster for 9mm

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Tenebris vi
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FOR SALE - Complete LoadMaster for 9mm

Postby Tenebris vi » Fri Apr 18, 2014 3:33 pm

Life takes some ugly turns sometimes, and we just need to do whats best. It really breaks my heart because I thought things were looking good and was really looking forward to reloading, but this leads me to the following?

I need to sell my BRAND NEW, NEVER USED Lee LoadMaster which is set-up for 9mm. I recently got it back from (MagicMike) who gave it every option he has. It also has the optional shell collator, explosion shield, as well as a turret, center mount LED lamp. It is currently mounted on a Lee Portable Stand.

    LoadMaster - $260
    MagicMike Options - $100
    Portable Stand - $ 80
    Collator - $ 10
    Explosion Shield - $8
    LED Lamp - $ 30

ASKING - $300 (O.B.O.)

Image Image Image Image Image

If your interested, I also have a tap & die in 7/8-14 for cleaning the treads of the turret and or dies. I'll let the set go for $20

1000 count, small CCI primers. $30?
1000 pieces, sorted, 9mm range brass. $25. (List of types included available)
4-size (9mm, 38Sup, 40S&W, 45ACP), aluminum case gauge. $15

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Postby doranj » Sun May 11, 2014 1:03 pm

Don't do it. You put some time & effort into getting that thing ready. If your still gonna shoot don't do it. Have a garage sale. Everyone has got sh-- to sell. Sell the neighbors cats. Ive been through some rough times & have sold a few guns that I used the least or did not really like, but ammo is outrageous. Thats my thoughts.

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