WTT RCBS 45 auto dies for 308Win dies

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WTT RCBS 45 auto dies for 308Win dies

Postby tnmedic » Fri Apr 18, 2014 6:41 pm

I have a set of rcbs dies for the 45 auto, p/n 18915, carb tc 3 die set, the dies were a little rusty and I tumbled them today to try and clean them up some, seemed to have done a decent job at removing the rust. I have taken pictures but don't really feel like trying to remember my photobucket name and password. If you want leave your email address and I will email the pics directly to you. I would like a set of 308Win dies as a straight even trade, I like lee dies so that isn't a problem for me, I know some people prefer different name brands for dies and presses. I have these posted over on gun and game as well to get them exposed. Anyway if you have questions or want pictures let me know and I will get them answered or emailed as soon as I can. Thanks TN_Medic

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