RD Cast Boolit Group Buy - TL356-135-RF - 9mm Luger

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RD Cast Boolit Group Buy - TL356-135-RF - 9mm Luger

Postby Ranch Dog » Thu Aug 05, 2010 3:17 pm

RD TLC356-135-RF
135-grain, gas checked, tumble lube bullet for the 9mm Luger

The TL356-135-RF is my second offering for the 9mm Luger. My work with the 9mm Luger started with a plain base bullet but I would like a gas check design to take full advantage of this high pressure cartridge in order to maximize impact energy and increase the "Hatcher Index".

Image Image
For a complete drawings, please see my website link at the bottom of this post.

These are Lee Precision six-cavity molds without the handles. The bullet has Micro Bands (TL) for tumble lubing with liquid Alox though they will pass through any traditional lubesizer. The bullet nose is a "round-flat" design with a 72% meplat.

Conditions of the Buy
  • The design is set.
  • The design meets the SAAMI chamber spec. Only your chamber cast from your firearm can tell you if this bullet is appropriate for your needs.
  • The buy will run to the closing date. A minimum number of buyers is not required and the buy will not end early. If a set up fee is required to complete the order, Ranch Dog will pay the fee.
  • Lee has run about 60 days on all my buys this year. Do not expect delivery before November 1st.

When the molds arrive, I will measure the actual cavity cut on a sample mold from each shipping box to insure that the molds meet my drawing specification. I will not measure each mold.

If the molds meet my satisfaction:
  • They will be shipped to you.
  • Any further warranty issues will be between you and Lee.
If the molds do not meet my satisfaction:
  • they will be returned to Lee as a lot. No exceptions, I will not accept them. You can:
  • Wait for the warranty work, it might be up to four weeks.
  • Have your money refunded.

All molds will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail. If you use the PayPal, be sure your shipping address is a valid USPS address before you pay! If you have a change of address during the buy, keep me up to date. Shipping charges, to be included with your mold purchase, are:

Shipping, outside Texas:
One mold, $10
Two molds, $13
Three molds, $16

Shipping, inside Texas:
One mold, $6
Two molds, $9
Three molds, $13

I will ship outside of the US. International orders will be sent via USPS First Class Mail. They will not be insured and shipment is at your own risk. The customs declaration will state the product and price paid. There are no exceptions to these conditions. PayPal, my credit card services provider, will calculate the correct shipping costs and I only accept International orders through this source. You do not need a PayPal account to order, use your credit card.

The molds are $52 each.

Payment is made by credit card or PayPal. I use PayPal Merchant Services, you do not need a PayPal account to make the purchase with your credit card. Your purchase will add you to the buy. Use the PayPal link below.

If you would like to pay by personal check or money order, use the "Snail Mail Purchase" button on my web page to register for the buy (see link below). At the end of registration, you will be provided my mailing address. Your payment must be received within 7 days or you will be removed from the list. The last day to register as a snail mail buyer is August 24, 2010. I will not take this form of payment after this date and the "Snail Mail Purchase" button will not appear on my web page.

Please ask any question in reply to this post. To make your purchase, credit card or via snail mail, visit my web page:
Ranch Dog's TLC356-135-RF

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