WTT: 1S Shellplate for 2L Shellplate Loadmaster

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WTT: 1S Shellplate for 2L Shellplate Loadmaster

Postby gnauenburg » Wed Sep 08, 2010 8:22 pm

Hey guys,

I am looking to setup my Loadmaster to load 45 acp but I am trying to keep costs down. Since I have an RCBS press setup solely for 38/357 I can spare the shellplate for the loadmaster. If I can trade for the shellplate then I think I can swing the large primer in my budget. My press has been holed up in a garage for over 10 years and it is time to get back in the ring for me. I've got 5K primers just waiting for a way to be loaded. Foolishly I sold my Pro 1000 which I had forgotten was the only press that I had setup to load 45 acp. In any case if you are interested in the trade I would be happy to swap the shellplates with you. I am in Riverside CA if any of you are in the area we could do FTF. Thanks guys.


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