Why I Reload

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Why I Reload

Postby Blacksamwell » Tue Sep 17, 2013 2:20 pm

When I was a kid my dad used to drag me out of bed at completely unreasonable hours of the morning to walk through the woods and muddy fields in the dark and cold to hunt. It wasn't always pleasant for me, but I have good memories that I treasure. However, once I became a teenager I started speaking up about how I didn't care for getting up early or going out in the cold so dad stopped making me go.

As it goes, I grew up and moved away from my home town to pursue a career, get married, buy a house... The usual stuff. But fate stepped in a couple years ago and I found myself back in my home town where I get to see and hang out with my parents, sister, and my niece. Dad is still an avid hunter although he's slowing down somewhat at the age of 72.

Sometime last summer I became curious about IDPA and USPSA pistol competition and found that a local gun club hosted matches. Before going to my first match I called my dad and told him about the local matches and asked him if it was something he'd be interested in trying. "Hell yes" was his quick response. So together we ventured into IDPA and USPSA competition.

Reloading was just a natural choice since it allows us to shoot more with our limited budget. Dad had a classic Lee turret press already bolted to his bench which let us learn the details of 9mm and 45 ACP loading before moving along into a Pro-1000 and now a Loadmaster. I enjoy shooting, competing, and reloading all very much; but ultimately the thing I find most rewarding is seeing my dad enjoy himself as he learns new skills. He gets frustrated sometimes when he earns a penalty due to forgetting some detail but you can't fault his accuracy.

Here's my dad competing at an IDPA match last Saturday Sept 14th: http://youtu.be/IKg3pc2Abmc

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Postby darwin » Tue Sep 17, 2013 4:28 pm

That's pretty cool. What caliber was he shooting?

How does he (and you) rank in the results?

They have matches within driving distance, but I never had the nerve to try it.


Postby Blacksamwell » Tue Sep 17, 2013 4:58 pm

He shoots 45 ACP with a fancy limited edition Colt Gold Cup with an engraved slide and all the fine touches available through the Colt customization department. It is numbered as 2 of 500, but according to Bob Graf of Graf & Sons (where dad purchased the gun) Colt only completed 250 of the series before ceasing production and gun #1 was never made. It was a safe queen until I suggested we start competing.

Both he and I are qualified as Marksman in IDPA with the 1911s. Dad will often rank at about the 30% percentile but has had better matches where he comes in mid-pack. If I have a good match I come in around the 85th percentile. I'm starting to beat some of the better shooters at our club which is very rewarding.

We competed at a USPSA match last month that just had 4 shooters in our division and we filled the 1st and 2nd place positions. When I told dad that we came in 1st and 2nd he asked "I was first, right?" with a big grin on his face.

Both of us don't worry too much about where exactly we place. It is more important to us to perform to the best of our ability and to see some kind of improvement from match to match. Some are better than others, but it is always lots of fun.

I would wholeheartedly encourage anyone to go ahead and try it. The people at our local club were extremely friendly and welcoming. They took extra time to make certain we knew the safety rules and were very encouraging. It is intimidating at first, but you get over that quickly and it is a huge rush of adrenaline when the buzzer sounds.

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