GF gluten free

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GF gluten free

Postby carload9 » Sun Aug 17, 2014 9:09 am

GF gluten free:

My cuz gave me some tips on gluten free. GF. I had tried almond milk, hated it, he said coconut unsweet milk, bought it, love it with cereal. I can do cereal late nite for snack.
l made a GF pie crust last nite, lemon filling, egg white maringue. Dang if the crust aint good.
Also can have bacon & steak.

l bought "so delicious" GF vanilla ice cream, hell its good and l didnt even put hersheys dribbled on it.

Food alergies and lactose problems can ruin you. Iam gonna fix this prob in my kitchen. I use to do dr adkins years ago, learned alot there. I can make it when l travel.

The dang dairy kills me, this GF program is instant success and bought at the store. Iam also cutting out pasta, gonna try to make GF pasta or buy it.

I've got deserts covered, (sweet tooth covered) l bought dannon GF yogurt. & the cereal & pie. Ya can get GF brownies that are great.

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