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Eight years ago today...

Posted: Tue Jan 19, 2016 7:10 pm
by darwin
It was exactly 8 years ago (well, 10 minutes ago) that I had a negligent discharge and shot myself in the leg......

Posted: Tue Jan 19, 2016 7:16 pm
by erle
I'm so sorry you experienced that, Darwin.

Your experience should be a warning to each of us.

Pray that all is going well with you now.


Posted: Thu Feb 11, 2016 1:37 am
I read most of your whole blog... amazing. Wishing you all the best and really hope your foot comes around. Thanks for giving me this wake-up call, though always careful, I will be more careful. I survived a head-on car crash when I was 18 that killed my friend & had me in the hospital for 4 months. My knees ache with rises in humidity... for 38 years now.

I had a ND of a large rifle primer I was trying to get out of a case, by hand, a few years ago (no bullet or powder loaded), and have a 1/2" keloid scar now on my finger, forever. Felt like I had been shot, at the time.

Be safe out there friends, always wear protective eye & ear gear, keep primers and powders secure & separate, always treat every gun as loaded, beware of squib loads, and be careful with mags in & out and when racking. God bless.

Posted: Tue Feb 16, 2016 8:19 am
by daboone
Everytime I visit here I think about your experience.

Once again I'd like to THANK YOU for "manning up" and sharing in depth the seriousness potential consequences of our endeavors. It is a great reminder to us all to THINK and stay in tune with our actions.

This is most important lesion you (like my dad) have taught me, is guns require constant vigilance and are a thinking man's responsibility.

Thank YOU Darwin for sharing this and reminding all of us to THINK about what we are doing.