gunsmithing the DB-9

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gunsmithing the DB-9

Postby carload9 » Fri Feb 22, 2013 9:35 pm

Any members own a DB-9, I am having some lite strikes on diamondback 9mm, striker fire, like a lil' glock ,, kinda! Any harry potter gunsmith round here that really understand striker fire ....,?????

trigger bar is one piece back to sear and then a u-turn back up to trigger and cam block. As seen below. I made sure P04 (fire pin block) is working smooth. Polished trigger bar, and no burrs on poly grip inside. I dont shoot real strong loads in pistol.

I have all the new updated parts including new recoil system, came in yesterday. Its not a sig but love this pistol.

Postal returned my sig-sauer 938 back from Check out their site!

try vid below:



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