More changes to my 700P

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More changes to my 700P

Postby magic mike » Fri Jul 12, 2013 11:50 am

Just a few pictures of the new stuff I have done to my Rem 700P .308. The hardest one for me was the new bolt knob. I don't have a lathe so I had to do all the work with a Mikita side grinder and a couple of files. Very tedious and scary trying to work the old knob down to .312 diameter so that I could thread it. Don't think I want to do another one soon, but I have to tell you I love it! Way better than the standard knob.

The new recoil pad was another challenge. I have never attempted doing this before either so after watching a couple of videos and doing a little reading I got after it. The rifle's LOP was too short for me and it also didn't have much of a recoil pad on it so I used a heat gun to remove the original pad as it was attached with epoxy to the H&S stock. I didn't have a recoil pad grinding fixture to get the angles correct so I made my own from some MDF and they worked fine. I ground the pad and 1/2" spacer close to the scribe lines using the fixtures and then mounted the pad onto the stock and using my 2-1/2" diameter air sander got it shaped pretty close then finished it off by hand with a small sanding block and progressively finer sandpaper. Not hard to do but tedious as hell because all the time I worried about scratching through the masking tape on the stock and screwing it up but it came out all-right. Can't wait to shoot it with the new pad. It fits me so much better now that it is longer.

I made this cheek rest from some Kydex I had laying around to replace the one I made from some pipe insulation. I found the locking 1/4-20 knobs at Grainger. I made a paper pattern then transferred it to the Kydex and cut it out on the band saw. The slots were done on my cnc router. I used my heat gun to heat the Kydex and mold it over the stock. I love this cheek rest as it gets me the elevation I need without pushing my head away from the stock like the strap-on ones do. I have tried a couple different ones and I didn't like either one of them. This is definitely the way to go IMHO.

Next is a Jewel trigger and that will about do it. Last outing the gun delivered 1/2 MOA groups with my hand-loads at 500 yards so I am very pleased with it at this point.






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Postby Sparky45 » Fri Jul 12, 2013 3:22 pm

VERY nice work and attention to detail Mike, as always.


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Postby rowe_s » Fri Jul 12, 2013 9:38 pm

Good job. Looks good.

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