Possible timing issue with Lee Pro 1000?

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Possible timing issue with Lee Pro 1000?

Postby CurlyShuffle » Thu Jul 27, 2017 2:14 am


I just got my first progressive press, the Lee Pro 1000 in 9mm. During the setup process, I was seeing how the primers would seat into the cases. I quickly noticed after a few rounds that some primers were coming in sideways, or upside down. It was obviously a little frustrating. :x I went ahead and removed all primers and cases and ran it dry several times to see if I noticed anything. What I have noticed that every so often, the primer rod would jam slightly against the shell plate (likely the cause of the tipped primers) when the shellplate was going back down. When I raised the ram again, the plate would click into place. I'm wondering...it this a case of the timing being off on the press and that I would have to that "zero index" procedure mentioned in the Lee help videos?

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Re: Possible timing issue with Lee Pro 1000?

Postby gooffeyguy » Thu Jul 27, 2017 4:34 pm

Yes, adjust the indexing....

Pro 1000 Index Problem

If the Pro-1000 doesn't index correctly there are three common problems. The first correction to try is resetting the zero adjust screw. This is behind a semi-circular cutout along the bottom edge of the shell plate carrier. Always turn the zero adjust screw clockwise to adjust. Turn until you hear the ball bearing drop into the detent of the shell plate. Once that point is achieved, turn the screw 1/2 to 3/4 further . This ensures that the shell plate stops by the ratchet under the carrier instead of the ball bearing snapping into place. If you go too far, keep turning until the next slot in the shell plate advances around to the correct position.

If the zero adjustment will not correct the problem, the next step is to replace the hex ratchet. This is the small white plastic gear located inside the shell plate carrier. The shell plate carrier must be removed to install it (there should have been two extras included with the press). You can easily see how the old one comes out in order to determine how the new one goes on.

If replacing the hex ratchet does not solve the problem, replace the drive bolt. This is the short steel bolt that holds the shell plate to the shell plate carrier and that the "actuator" rod goes through and up through the middle of the press. Replacements are available for $5 from the Lee factory. If none of these measures corrects the problem, or if you feel uncomfortable doing it yourself, return the press to the factory for repairs.

Lee's address is:

Lee Precision Inc,
4275 Hwy. U
Hartford, WI 53027

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