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Questions, troubleshooting and tips relating to Lee turret presses

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Postby Lifelong Learner » Wed Oct 14, 2015 9:27 pm

carload9 wrote:If you buldge bust (case base swage)
If you size lead boolits
If you seat gas checks

Buy a cheap 39$ 1/2 ton arbor press at harborfreight for big power and save your lil' 4 hole turret. I bought the 1 ton for 53$.

Dont kill your shoulder, hand and arm anymore: 4 dies in at all times, just swing die plate around and go, l let handle hang straight down and set on a stool for comfort. Case base swaging takes much force but not with this machine.

Have been using a Redding Boss cast iron single stage press to Bulge Bust brass. Even using lubed cases, it is hard to push the bulged brass through. Going to Harbor Freight with a 20% off coupon and get an arbor press. Thanks for the tip! The picture helped also.

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Postby prs » Wed Oct 28, 2015 8:20 pm

Carload, those look like HiTech coated SWCs. Were you getting leading with them and thus the checks? I have done quite a few of them in 45ACP at 200g over common charges of Red Dot, Green Dot, and Tight Group with minimal leading. With powder coated cast 200g SWCs I get no leading, but the HiTech ones suite my lazy nature and they were very low priced.


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