Trying to get account activation AND talk to Carload9!

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Trying to get account activation AND talk to Carload9!

Postby guest » Wed Jul 29, 2015 3:12 am

HEY! Carload9 You are the reason why I even came here! I saw this thread: ... 2d110801b3

And I was hoping to talk to Carload9 or Froznone and get the photos so that I could mod my Loadmaster.

Sorry for not waiting around for the activation, but I saw you reply and I was like, HEY! you are the reason why I am here!

In that thread though I can not get any photos, I was going to be PMing both of you and asking if you still had the pics. I just got my Loadmaster and I bought it from a guy that had "indexing" issues and now I also have those same indexing issues, even with a new extractor. So I was going to mod mine and when I started looking for Loadmaster CArrier Mods that thread popped up. But man, I can not see the photos...

Anyways, I will be waiting for the account activation, but I just wanted to post since I felt I was very close to fixing my indexing issue.

I hope yall still have those photos or instructions on how to make that mod.

Alright, I am sitting back and will be patient. All I ever do is hang out on so if it take a while to get activated here you can look me up over there. I am also on Castboolits and a few other forums.

Thanks for the reply in the other thread. I tried to respond but I could not.

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