Few Pro 1000 mods by a new Pro user

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Few Pro 1000 mods by a new Pro user

Postby mac1911 » Sat Nov 14, 2015 3:07 pm

I on a whim picked up a NOS Lee pro 38spl. My intention was to load up the 1200 plus rounds I had on hand and then covert the press to other cal. Well finding out the press was close to 20 years old I figured a new production press might be better .

So I set up the NOS press cranked out the 1200 rounds of 38spl and then sold the press....

I then bought a Pro 223 basically was going to do the same thing.
I loaded up 500 rounds of 223 then converted it to 30 carbine....

The few mods I did.
1. First thing I did was polish the finish round ramp...it's frustrating the rounds don't drop well.
2. Had to add 1/4" to the case pusher...this really helped with the tipping of the cases. It also seem to eliminate the double case issue when the case feeder tubes get low on cases.
3. I also found that roughing up the part of the carrier where the case slides helped in getting the case mouth not to hang up on the case above it as much.

Right now my problem with 30 carbine is the case does not always want to line up with the die.

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