Does the Factory Crimp Die for pistol wear out?

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Does the Factory Crimp Die for pistol wear out?

Postby Air8 » Tue May 07, 2019 11:18 pm ... e-9mm.html

So I was going along loading 9mm on the Loadmaster when powder fell on my knee after a round landed in the out feed bin. I thought another .380 case had slipped past. But the case was stamped 9mm. Huh? So upon further inspection the case was clean, lubed, not cracked, not over-flared. Started looking through the bin and noticed two other round that looked odd. The bullets had been knocked into the case farther. I started going through the bin and with squeezing pressure between my thumb and pointer finger I was able to press bullets farther into the cases on many rounds. Okay?!?!?!

I ran several of the rounds back through the factory crimp station only and was still not able to get a crimp. Some of the rounds had a good crimp that I could not push the bullet into the case even when pushing against the edge of the bench with force.

Tried resetting the die in the press. Took the die out, apart, cleaned, inspected, cleaned, put back in the press. Re-installed it per instructions like I have always done and tried again. Same result. Some round have a good crimp, some I can push the bullet into the case with my fingers.

In the past when installing the crimp die, I have never had a pinch mark around the case mouth. So in troubleshooting I kept moving the crimp adjuster down by steps and started getting a crimp ring like a roll crimp die would leave. And STILL that would not hold every bullet in place.

And now I'm arms up in the air lost as to why all of a sudden the factory crimp die is not crimping every time. This is leading me to believe the crimp die has worn out possibly. I'm thinking of ordering a replacement die to see if that solves my issue here. I know this is a long post but any ideas from the members here?

Stats: Loadmaster press with 25,000+ 9mm rounds. 9mm only on this press. Press is nearly 3-years old.
115 grain, plated bullets from Everglades ammo. I have ordered from them exclusively for the past 2-years and nearly 20,000 bullets.
Bullet diameters are measuring .356 to .357 which is the same as previous orders
The cases are from many, many manufacturers.

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Re: Does the Factory Crimp Die for pistol wear out?

Postby Horseman » Sun May 19, 2019 8:03 pm

A bit late in a response, but it's so "quiet" here anymore I don't come around as often, but in answer, It's more likely a brass problem rather than a crimp die problem. I suppose it's possible but I've never seen or heard of a crimp die "wearing out". Those particular pieces of brass are likely not sizing the same as the others, more spring back, or perhaps more work hardened. Curious, if you figure it out please come back and report. I'll come back more often to look.

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