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Load Master parts

Postby Horseman » Fri Jan 15, 2016 2:01 pm

I mentioned this over on Ranch Dog's forum (Lee Loader) so thought I would bring it here as well... IF...you need a new ram for your LM (I do) you have to purchase a new frame as well. That's the only way Lee will sell it. $55.00 plus shipping. I just ordered one, along with a couple other small items and while Lee is generally a bit higher in price than their distributors it all kinda equaled out considering the shipping costs. Lee is actually pretty good in that department. Also having MM do a new carrier for me so by the time I get this one back together it'll be pretty much a new press. Figured may as well as it wasn't doing me any good the way it was, however I am getting close in cost with this one to a "basic" Dillon 650 :shock: ...have probably surpassed a LNL on sale....but who's countin', only money right???? :D I have no idea the fascination we have for these red devils. Must be the color..... :wink:

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