been coresponding w lee # loadmasters

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been coresponding w lee # loadmasters

Postby bill3337 » Mon May 14, 2018 3:01 pm

We do not have a count of how many total Loadmasters have been purchased between 1992 to today. As an example, just the 9mm Luger Loadmaster had over 1800 sold last year. This year we have surpassed that number already. Sales have only increased over the years.
To answer your question about Natchez, Midway, Midsouth, etc., we sell our product at full MSRP, while Distributors get a significant discount on products and service parts from us, and are able to pass that discount along to you.
If someone wants to chime in i bought mine in 1993 and was wondering SEE ABOVE lee answer see me other post
189 i forget from midsouth? lee listed in 1992 for 320 according to them

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